[Serusers] ser crashes

Jan Janak J.Janak at sh.cvut.cz
Thu Feb 6 16:19:08 CET 2003


On 06-02 16:02, Klaus Darilion wrote:
> Thank you, the path to the modules was the problem!
> Now ser runs also as self compiled version and doesnt crash. I didn't
> had to change the source because the source code available to download
> is already corrected. To proof your guess I inserted the error again (
> len+=) and than it crashes again.

  ser-0.8.10_src.tar.gz has this bug too.

> Conclusion: with the source code version from 0.8.10 ser doesn't crash
> anymore. Nevertheless, /var/log/messages shows an error message when I
> send my special invite:
> Feb  6 15:48:24 obelix /usr/local/sbin/ser[6985]: ERROR:
> t_build_and_send_CANCEL: cannot allocate memory

  That's the bug I told you about, AFAIK it is caused by the missing
  dereference operator in t_msgbuilder.c. See my previous email for
  description how to fix it. (rewrite len+= to *len+=, recompile and

    regards, Jan.

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