[Serusers] New feature for the tm module [sticky proxy]

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Tue Feb 4 01:06:25 CET 2003

At 12:35 AM 2/4/2003, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
>t_on_negative() looks like a pretty suitable feature for the job modulo
>that we need to add some scheme for distinguishing real failures, such as
>"number is busy", from transient ones.

Agreed. Actually, it was created with such scenarios in mind.


>it is where the problem lies -
>after appending a new branch ser forwards the request to the host:port
>specified in the uri directly, but not through the b2bua.


>Attached patch adds a new variable sticky_relay_to, which if set to non-zero
>value instructs ser to record proxy address to which transaction was
>originally forwarded with t_relay_to(). On failure ser forwards request to
>that address if another branch was appended in reply_route[].
>I think that it is generally useful feature and it would be nice to see
>it integrated into the next release.

I'm too coffeinized right now to review the patch thoroughly -- but would not
it be just simpler to _always_ keep forwarding to original destination if 
t_relay_to was used and to uri if t_relay was used? (i.e. sticky==always_true)

Whichever way we go, it deserves to be fixed.


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