[Serusers] SER version question

Nell Bolen nell at plank-road.com
Mon Aug 25 22:41:11 CEST 2003

Hello Serusers,

A few days ago, installed SER and some addons on a linux 686 
using rpms for 386. Seems to work okay. Also serweb pages seem 
to be working.

However, today, in someone's list post, there was a link to a "tarball" 
directory. After looking through there, I see that the ser rpm brings 
fewer modules along, and of course also, is not as up to date as the 
tarball tar.gz-.

Question 1: If I want to install the tar.gz, do I delete the current rpm 
version first or just write over? If delete first, clues for a method to 
do that would be appreciated. Know where most of the rpm ser files 
are, but not for sure. Just stop the current ser and then delete its 
files and other references to it elsewhere?

Question 2: While looking over tarball files, I saw more than once 
references to a second auth module that I cannot find anywhere in 
tarball -- has to do with databasing, something like auth_db.so or 
something like that. Is that module no longer needed, and if it is 
needed, what does it support/enable and where to find it?

Thank you once more for your help -- Nell Bolen

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