[Serusers] Questions about address SIP numeric ans gateway sip-PSTN???

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Aug 20 18:21:01 CEST 2003

At 03:23 PM 8/20/2003, Hassan CHOUMAR wrote:
>Hello all, 
>I installed serweb, it works well, but I have a problem at the level of the 
>application: when I want to make a subscription with an address numeric SIP for 
>example: 9991 at domaine.com, it  not accepts it , it sends me a message (user 
>name does not follow suggested convantions), 

The username is subject to a RegExp check, which is specified in functions.php,
As you see, usernames beginning with 9 are not accepted.

>Another question, if I want to try to make communications between a softphone 
>SIP and an analogical telephone through a cisco router, it is enough to go the 
>commands this below into the cisco router, and the others into the server SER:
>In the router:
>Dial-peer voice 999 voip 
>Destination-pattern 555999. ** Associate the number arranges 555-9990 to 9999 
>with our SIP server
>Session protocol sipv2 ** Set this dial-peer to uses(wears out) SIP instead of 
>Cisco protocols
>Session target sip-server ** Send the call to our SIP server. See SIP-UA below
>Codec g711ulaw ** Set the default codec to 711-Ulaw (common codec between 
>Sip-server ipv4: 

Well, I guess you better ask Cisco about IOS configuration.

>In the fileser.cfg :
>if (uri=~"^sip:9[0-9]*@mydomain.com") { ## This assumes that the caller is 
>log("Forwarding to PSTN\n"); ## registered in our realm
>t_relay_to( "", "5060"); ## Our Cisco router

I suggest you to use rewritehostport to change URI to gateway's host address.
The gateway would deny the request otherwise. Modulo correctly:

>if (uri=~"^sip:9[0-9]*@mydomain.com") { ## This assumes that the caller is 


>log("Forwarding to PSTN\n"); ## registered in our realm
> /* t_relay_to( "", "5060");  */ ## Our Cisco router


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