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For the first time, I am helping on this list (I am feeling great and USEFUL
for the Linux society!!!!).

Just go to http://www.rpmfind.com  and type php-mysql as your search query.
Choose the one that suits your operating system (Linux distribution; I might
be confused)

In French: [Vous n'avez pas installe le support de MySQL dans PHP. Vous avez
installe MySQL et PHP mais vous avez oublie d'installer le logiciel qui
permet PHP de communiquer avec MySQL]

I added this french line because I have realized you are from France. Sorry
for those who don't speak French. I like German and Spanish but I will learn
them later.

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Hello all,
I installed SER, on my PC, and he works well with the data base Mysql,
and with regard to serweb, I configured everything files according to
the guide who exists on the Web site: // iptel.org / ser, but my
problem is that when I open the serweb page to add users, it gives me
an error  message:
fatal erreur: call to undefined function :mysql-pconnect() in
/var/www/html/phplib/db_mysql.inc on the line 73

What is that nobody can resolve my problem
Thank you in advance

cité universitaire de la pacaterie (chambre459)
91400 Orsay
Por :33/0675909977
Email: hmchoumar at hotmail.com

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