[Serusers] Best path to upgrade...

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Aug 13 15:06:45 CEST 2003

also, NEWS includes some upgrade guidelines. -jiri

At 09:49 PM 8/12/2003, Jan Janak wrote:
>yes, I recommend you to upgrade, the stable cvs release contains many
>bugfixes and improvements. You will have to upgrade the database
>because the database scheme has been changed -- ser_mysql.sh script can
>do this automatically.
>CVS serweb is aligned to the stable CVS release too so it shouldn't be a
>Some commands in the script changed (i.e. addRecordroute() ->
>See the default configuration script for more details.
>  Jan.
>On 12-08 10:41, Tom Yerex wrote:
>> We are a team of students working with SIP for various projects, and SER has
>> become an important part of our research.
>> I have been charged with looking into the latest stable build from CVS and
>> deciding if we should upgrade (currently 0.8.10), and how.
>> Has anyone moved a working 0.8.10 installation to the latest code?  I see
>> from the mailing list that serweb and ser should be kept "in-sync" to avoid
>> problems, are there any other issues we should watch out for?
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