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Jesus Rodriguez jesusr at voztele.com
Fri Aug 8 12:10:51 CEST 2003

On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Jiri Kuthan wrote:

> Dear SER users,
> I would like to collect feedback on use of RADIUS with SIP.
> There is a concern in the IETF that RADIUS is not good enough
> for accounting due to its lack of reliability. On the other hand,
> use of RADIUS for us has been one of the most frequently asked
> SER features.
> Can people with hands on real deployments share their experience
> with me? I'm interested in aspects like how the missing reliability
> has been stressing your operation, how much they are interested
> in fixing it, and what kind of fixes they would welcoyme (transition
> to Diameter? adding fail-over capabilities?)

We are using radius (and i've used it when i was in an ISP to control more
than 200 million minutes per month) and we are happy with it. There are great
radius servers (radiator in our case) and lots of gateways and equipment
support radius as clients. If you can configure more than one server in your
clients and setup some kind of redundancy on your servers and a database
backend, it works (and you can bill!).

You can keep accounting in a database and text files so you can, before
billing, conciliate both.

I think radius is a good, known and very supported protocol that works ok for


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