[Serusers] radius problems

Madan madan.r at net4india.net
Sat Aug 2 13:42:36 CEST 2003

here is another thing hitting me hard :-(
i believe this related to sql query being made to radius db by ser
if you can let me know how to go abt it i'll be very obliged,

Aug  2 19:07:05 sip ./ser[29111]: submit_query(): Unknown column
'username'in 'field list'
Aug  2 19:07:05 sip ./ser[29111]: submit_query(): Error while submitting
Aug  2 19:07:05 sip ./ser[29111]: preload_udomain(): Error while doing
Aug  2 19:07:05 sip ./ser[29111]: register_udomain(): Error while preloading
domain 'location'
Aug  2 19:07:05 sip ./ser[29111]: domain_fixup(): Error while registering


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