[Serusers] Re[5]: [Serhelp] third part session control

Jiri Kuthan serhelp at lists.iptel.org
Wed Dec 4 14:50:24 CET 2002

At 02:21 PM 12/4/2002, Igor Vasiliev wrote:
>> You can try to use some 
>> existing B2BUA implementation. You can use SER along with
>> B2BUA too -- they interact using SIP. You just need to set
>> SIP routing accordingly to your scenario.
>Problem of my understanding is here.
>How should I redirect requests?

Requests are redirected in SER using sl_send_reply with 
a 3xx code in it. That has nothing to do with B2BUAs, though.

You can proxy requests too -- again, how you route them
depends on what you want to accomplish. For example, you
can look at URIs and route all requests with nummerical
usernames to a B2BUA, whereas everything else will be
routed using a user location database. There are really
no limits on what your routing policy may be.

>>From SER to B2BUA?
>Please give me an example of their interaction.

give examples of server interactions.

>Could I use B2BUA without SER(and without any SIP proxy)?

Yes. There is BTW many other things which you can do without
any SIP proxy -- skiing, playing chess, having phone conversation,
and many more.


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