[Serusers] RE: [Serhelp] PSTN hand off question

Jiri Kuthan serusers at lists.iptel.org
Tue Dec 3 12:49:47 CET 2002

At 08:07 AM 12/3/2002, Dan Austin wrote:
>I've got a question I thought to send to the SERUsers list, but I'm not
>sure if enough people have signed up yet.

Don't worry -- all our developers are on the serusers list too.
We just plan to shift the help from our developers to the SER
community to have more cycles for development.

>I have a Cisco 7940 that I've converted to SIP and can place calls from,
>both to PSTN numbers and to uri's registered with my server.  The odd 
>part is that the phone does not seem to request the presence feature, so
>I can not route calls to it.

Hmmm -- we only have 7960s in our labs but they should be similar and they
work. You need to set up registrar, user name and credentials to be able
to register.

>If I call test at the phone rings and the call can be completed.
>If I call test at fitawi.com, I get an immediate call rejected.  Since the
>phone does not show up as online in MSN messanger, I suspect that the lack
>of presence is the problem.  Any thoughts? 

These are two different things: ability to register and ability to 
share current presence status. With 7960, you are able to register
so that people can reach you at your current address. 7960 has no
"presence disclosure" support -- if you want to see that the phone
is on-line in your messenger, you will have to use a presence agent
inbetween. We're working on it, but it is not currently part of SER.

The UsrLoc dump bellow shows a valid Test entry -- so the registration
must have proceeded well. If you are not able to call the user
test at yourdomain, the error will be probably somewhere else. Please
send me your configuration file and network dumps (gained using 
e.g. ngrep utility) -- I'll be glad to review it.


> I will try the users list, and
>Cisco as a last resort.
>Here is my serctl ul show results:
>domain : 'location'
>aor    : 'Test'
>Contact: 'sip:Test at'
>Expires: 1983
>q      :       0.00
>Call-ID: '000a8a93-d466000b-389ca1b7-74778f1a at'
>CSeq   : 101
>State  : CS_SYNC
>next   : (nil)
>prev   : (nil)

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