[SR-Docs] Reg : Kamailio and jitsi with Audio Call Doubts

Balakrishnan Nainar nbalakrishnan at elitecorp.in
Fri Dec 6 07:21:18 CET 2013


     Actually my doubt is whether jitsi will support to make a call over 
the internet?

     I like to explain what i have done and what i need help from you .

     Steps to make jitsi client to work with kamailio.
     1. I have installed kamailio server in my linux box, created global 
ip to my local ip and i have installed jitsi client in my machine and my 
friend machine.
     2. Then i registered my SIP accounts with the local ip address like 

3. Then i added contacts of my friends. All my friends are in online. I 
could make audio call and speak with each other with local network. In 
this case no problem.

4. But the problem is when i use public ip instead of local ip in 
account registration wizard, it is showing all my friends are in offline 
eventhough they are in online.

Actually my requirements is , I want to make audio call over 
internet(i.e from other domain). I really stuck in this case.

Please help me how to achieve this?

Advance Thanks,
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