[SR-Docs] Permission for puplishing sip-router History on German Wikipedia

Moritz Graf rul4ind4h00d at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 16 08:32:11 CEST 2010

Hi There,

last few days i've bee very confused about the si-router project and
all the ser things arround it. So in a few hours I browsed the web and
finally i wrote a wikipedia article in the german wikipedia.
So... these guys are now very concerned about if I have the permission
to publish this Picture.
The picture I'm talking about can be found on the following URL:
My Question is: Are there any restrictions regarding this picture? Am
I allowed to pubish it on the german wikipedia?

Quote from the Wikipedia: Um das nachvollziehen zu können, vermerke
bitte die Erlaubnis auf der Dateibeschreibungsseite in der Zeile
„Genehmigung“. Außerdem muss der Urheber/Rechteinhaber die Genehmigung
zur Veröffentlichung per E-Mail an permissions-de at wikimedia.org
bestätigen. Dazu verwendet er am besten die Standard-Textvorlage.

Basically it's an appeal to the owner of the picture to write a mail
to the adress permissions-de at wikimedia.org to grant the publishing.

Thanks for ur help...


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