[OpenSER-Docs] migrating sgml to xml

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Mon Mar 3 21:28:23 CET 2008

Hi, Dan..

If the steps that You follow could be applied to all SGML DOC files, then
what about a script to do the job? I can handle this script, but need
detailed instructions to follow...


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>thinking about migrating to xml from the sgml, I found a good tutorial:
>Following some guidelines there, I was able to migrate the doc for
>dispatcher in just few steps:
>- renamed extension from sgml to xml
>- changed the header of disptacher.xml to conform xml structure and link
>to dtd
>- fixed some bogus entities defined in doc/entities.sgml (I made a local
>copy to entities.xml)
>- fixed some unclosed <para> tags in disptacher_user.xml
>- run this futuristic command (in modules/dispatcher/doc/):
> xsltproc --stringparam html.stylesheet ../../../doc/docbook.css
>--stringparam section.autolabel 1 --stringparam
>section.label.includes.component.label 1 -o dispatcher.html
>/usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/html/docbook.xsl dispatcher.xml
>- to get the readme txt format:
> lynx -force_html -dump -nolist -width=72 dispatcher.html >dispatcher.txt
>I downloaded http://www.openser.org/css/docbook.css in openser/doc/
>folder, so I got the same look on my local generated html files as for
>the ones on the openser.org. The extra option now is that each chapter
>has its own table of content (can be removed via some option, but I
>didn't dig in more).
>It was not that painful, but will require some work, when coming to all
>modules. I propose to add the docbook.css in the openser SVN under doc
>folder, maybe renamed as "openser-docbook.css". Also, a copy of
>entities.sgml as entities.xml with the required fixes (the sgml version
>will be removed once migration is complete).
>I believe makes no sense to add support for mixed doc sources -- meaning
>here that some modules have sgml and some xml. If we can sync 3-4
>people, and split the modules among, we can get the work done in few
>days. In this case, we will go directly in replacing the generation of
>html from sgml to xml. Will be useless work to add intermediary support
>in Makefile and try to detect whether is sgml or xml.
>Any comment?
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