[OpenSER-Docs] First Clean-up Patch for Documentation

Edson 4lists at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 15:35:10 CET 2008

Sure, Henning...

I detect the same problem in DOC compilation... I'll take a look in Your
suggestions and make the necessary changes on the scripts... after that I'll
re-send them to You so that You can apply them... ;)

I thing that the issues that You faced, on applying the patch, were due the
fact that they use portuguese messages (I 'm just guessing... ;) )

In fact, if any of the other guys in this list could point more of this
"general clean-up rules", please, let me know so that I can make scripts to
apply than in a more automated way.


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>On Tuesday 26 February 2008, Edson wrote:
>> I finish the first clean-up of the documentation. It consisted by:
>> 1) remove all FAQ and DEVEL files considered empty in content (no content
>>    at all or just the default lines);
>> 2) remove of the <RevHistory>/</RevHistory> tag (and of course anything
>>    Between them);
>> 3) remove the comments at the EOF that beginned with
>>    "<!-- Keep this element at the end of the file";
>> The attached file (in ZIP format) is the resulting SVN DIFF file. It was
>> applied over trunk version, revision 3761.
>Hi Edson,
>i've applied your changes to the svn trunk. There were some issues with the
>patch on my checkout, so i used the script that you've send me yesterday.
>Anyway, with this changes the module documentation don't build anymore,
>because the faq and devel files are missing. I guess that should be
>fixed. :-)
>I the header of each files there are the entities defined:
><!ENTITY user SYSTEM "maxfwd_user.sgml">
><!ENTITY devel SYSTEM "maxfwd_devel.sgml">
><!ENTITY faq SYSTEM "maxfwd_faq.sgml">
>And on the bottom there included:
>For all modules that don't define a own devel file the define and include
>that should be removed. And for all files that don't define a own faq file,
>for the define the new copy on "../../../doc/module_faq.sgml" should be
>This way the empty devel section will be removed from most modules
>documentation, and the FAQ sections will stays the same. What do you think
>about this?
>There is also a additional issue with the <RevHistory> stuff you removed.
>were included in a <chapterinfo></chapterinfo> block. Apparently an empty
>block like this is not valid, so i think the empty <chapterinfo> must also
>You're quite good with this scripting stuff, perhaps you can take a look?
>Thank you,

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