[sr-dev] licensing of videos and images from Kamailio World?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 11:28:26 CET 2022


KamailioWorld youtube channel has a mix of who did the recordings: the
editions 2020 and 2021 were online anyhow, not recorded by Pascom, then
the available videos of the first editions were recorded by someone else
as well.

Anyhow, I don't think the entity that did the recording has anything to
do with ownership/licensing if it was done as part of a commercial or
sponsorship agreement. The facility is not a public space, access inside
being grated also as part of an agreement (e.g., registration,
sponsorship, special pass, ...).

Therefore I think it gets to the organizers when it is strictly about
these recordings. The informational content of each video is owned by
presenter when applicable.

The recordings were done and published with the scope of creating a
knowledge base for the community, not for commercial profit purposes.
There were no explicit agreements to give the full rights of the
presented information for commercial use under a particular license. The
terms and conditions for participating to the event have the statement
to grant permissions to organizers for educational and promotion of the
conference purposes:

  * https://www.kamailioworld.com/k07/terms-and-conditions/

Without consulting with anyone else at this moment, for anyone in the
community I think the fair approach is to discuss with the presenter and
any other person that shows up in the material that is going to be used.
For example, if there is about a frame of the video showing a slide made
by Alice, but with Bob being clearly visible in the image, then both
Alice and Bob have to give agreement.

Looking from another perspective, as another rule, I think it should be
fine as long as the materials are used in good faith, not causing any
damages (reputation, moral, personal, material, ...).


On 24.03.22 07:55, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 24/03/2022 07:36, Henning Westerholt wrote:
>> Hello Daniel,
>> I am not completely sure if I can follow your reasoning. Even if you just take certain parts of a performance or work, the complete performance or work stays under copyright.
> If you take one single frame out of a video, it does not reveal what the
> person was saying
> Example: a band is performing a song at a concert.  If you take a photo
> or if you take one frame from the video, it does not reveal any of the
> words or music.  Therefore, the copyright on the words and music are not
> part of the equation for the still image / frame / photograph.
>> Even if you record only a song of a full concert the copyright still belongs to the artist. Of course, there is a lower boundary here, as already mentioned for fair use or scientific usage etc..
> Actually, copyright also belongs to the person who wrote the song.
>> But before spending more time discussing about the licence particularities, why you are actually interested in this topic?
> I use some of the images from my own speeches.  I felt it was respectful
> to clarify the copyright on these images.  Based on our discussion, that
> copyright probably belongs to Pascom, unless there was some contract or
> some other email exchange where they already licensed or granted the
> copyright to the community.
> If any speaker ever wants to use their image in a book or something it
> could be more significant.
>> Do you want to use the KamailioWorld recording commercially, want to distribute them in a compilation which you want to sub-licence or similar?
> No, I didn't have plans like that right now
> Regards,
> Daniel
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