[sr-dev] licensing of videos and images from Kamailio World?

Henning Westerholt hw at gilawa.com
Wed Mar 23 21:29:49 CET 2022

Hello Daniel,

I am not aware of any explicit copyright assignment process that were done at the last KamailioWorld conferences, at least the ones that I participated.

So, the copyright of the individual content (videos, slides) belongs to the individual author/presenter. For the videos there is also probably some copyright regarding the video production (e.g. like it was done from the Pascom guys). Obviously, the individual country rights (Germany as the location, and probably also the authors origin) should be considered as well.

In most cases the authors did not explicitly choose a licence for their content, so there is no well-known licence like creative commons under which this content is available.

Fair use rights should apply in line with the individual country rights, but I am of course not a lawyer.

If you want to (re-)use or reproduce this content in a commercial setting you probably should contact the individual authors/presenter.



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There are various pages about the videos from Kamailio World but nothing there about the license...



There is a fair use doctrine that people can generally use a screenshot or extract from copyrighted material but it is better to have some explicit statement there.

Could anybody please clarify this and update the web page?

There are two details required:

1. Who owns the copyright?  By default, the name of the volunteer(s) who recorded the videos or if the work was done under contract, was copyright transferred to Kamailio, Asipto or anybody else?

2. Which license?  The CC BY SA 4.0 license might be a good choice consistent with existing Kamailio licensing:

BY: must credit the original work (Kamailio or volunteer)

SA: (ShareAlike) - derivative works must also be CC BY SA (viral effect, like the GPL used for Kamailio itself)


I suspect that many speakers are motivated to use their videos in some commercial context and may not be keen to apply the No Derivatives (ND) or Non-Commercial (NC) constraints from Creative Commons.

Thanks to those who produced and shared these works for the community.




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