[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] topos/topos_redis, error: "could not evaluate a_contact xavu" when in-dialog msg have Record-Route header. (#2852)

Henning Westerholt notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 28 12:36:54 CEST 2021

I can not reproduce the problem, either with redis or DB. It sufficient to set the xavu in the request_route.

Pretty default cfg with the following additions:
root at kam03:/etc/kamailio# egrep "redis|topos"  kamailio.cfg-2852
loadmodule "ndb_redis.so"
loadmodule "topos_redis.so"
loadmodule "topos.so"
modparam("ndb_redis", "server", "name=srv1;addr=localhost;port=6379")
modparam("ndb_redis", "init_without_redis", 1)
modparam("topos", "storage", "redis")
#modparam("topos", "storage", "db")
modparam("topos_redis", "serverid", "srv1")
modparam("topos", "contact_mode", 2)
modparam("topos", "xavu_cfg", "tps")
modparam("topos", "xavu_field_a_contact", "a_contact")
modparam("topos", "xavu_field_b_contact", "b_contact")
modparam("topos", "xavu_field_contact_host", "contact_host")

request_route {
        $xavu(tps=>a_contact) = "A-side";
        $xavu(tps=>b_contact) = "B-side";

INVITE contact-1 -> contact-2:

INVITE sip:contact-2 at 116.203.XX.XXX:5066;ob SIP/2.0
Contact: <sip:A-side at 116.203.YY.YY;tps=btpsh-6152ec8f-6744-1>

ACK contact-1 -> contact-2:
ACK sip:contact-2 at 116.203.XX.XX:5066;alias=116.203.XX.XX~5066~1;ob SIP/2.0
Contact: <sip:A-side at 116.203.YY.YY;tps=btpsh-6152ec8f-6744-1>

BYE contact-2 -> contact-1:
BYE sip:contact-1 at 116.203.XX.XX:5095;ob SIP/2.0
Contact: <sip:B-side at 116.203.YY.YY;tps=atpsh-6152ec8f-6744-1>

Kamailio from 5.5 branch:
root at kam03:/usr/local/src/5.5# /usr/local/kamailio-5.5/sbin/kamailio -v
version: kamailio 5.5.2 (x86_64/linux) 3b523f

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