[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] topos/topos_redis, error: "could not evaluate a_contact xavu" when in-dialog msg have Rexord-Rourte header. (#2852)

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Mon Sep 13 22:22:05 CEST 2021

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Hi !

topos+redis used in the folowing configuration:

modparam("ndb_redis", "server", "REDIS_SERVER")
modparam("ndb_redis", "init_without_redis", 1)
modparam("topos", "storage", "redis")
modparam("topos_redis", "serverid", "srv1")
modparam("topos", "contact_mode", 2)
modparam("topos", "xavu_cfg", "_tps_")
modparam("topos", "xavu_field_a_contact", "a_contact")
modparam("topos", "xavu_field_b_contact", "b_contact")
modparam("topos", "xavu_field_contact_host", "contact_host")

In the inital INVITE  xavu variables a_contact and b_contact are set by script, topos work as expected at this point,
but when the following in-dalog messages from upstream have Record-Route header, topos fails with error message:

Sep 13 18:50:01 gw481 /usr/sbin/kamailio[29874]: ERROR: {1 1 ACK 1-20643 at} topos [tps_storage.c:331]: tps_storage_fill_contact(): could not evaluate a_contact xavu
Sep 13 18:50:01 gw481 /usr/sbin/kamailio[29874]: ERROR: {1 1 ACK 1-20643 at} topos [tps_storage.c:604]: tps_storage_record(): failed to store

In case of absent Record-Route headers the are no errors.

#### Debugging Data

Signaling dump and debug log in attachment.

### Additional Information

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kamailio 5.5.1 (x86_64/linux) 

* **Operating System**:

Details about the operating system, the type: Linux (e.g.,: Debian 8.4, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7.1, ...), MacOS, xBSD, Solaris, ...;
Kernel details (output of `lsb_release -a` and `uname -a`)

Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

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