[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] Config errors (Issue #2957)

Henning Westerholt notifications at github.com
Fri Nov 26 19:36:49 CET 2021

I can not reproduce it:

henning at app01:~/repositories/5.5/src$ ./kamailio -f ../etc/kamailio.cfg -L modules -Y /tmp/
Listening on
             tcp: localhost:5060
             udp: localhost:5060

henning at app01:~/repositories/5.5/src$ ps aux |grep kamailio
henning   599006  0.4  0.3  91408 12828 ?        S    18:34   0:00 ./kamailio -f ../etc/kamailio.cfg -L modules -Y /tmp/
henning   599007  0.0  0.1  91408  4252 ?        S    18:34   0:00 ./kamailio -f ../etc/kamailio.cfg -L modules -Y /tmp/
henning   599008  0.0  0.1  91408  4188 ?        S    18:34   0:00 ./kamailio -f ../etc/kamailio.cfg -L modules -Y /tmp/

henning at app01:~/repositories/5.5/src$ git status
On branch 5.5
Your branch is up to date with 'origin/5.5'.

You can find packages (e.g. for debian, ubuntu) on deb.kamailio.org

If you have more issues using Kamailio, please write to our sr-users mailing lists for more support. This bug tracker is for reporting bugs in the code, thanks.

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