[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] RFE app_python3: future EL8 packages switch to Python 3.9 (Issue #2938)

space88man notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 18 03:42:42 CET 2021

### Description
RHEL8 and rebuilders (Oracle Linux, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux et al) now include Python 3.9 in base system.

This RFE is for ≥ 5.6.x: can we switch the `app_python3` package to use the Python 3.9 packages - 
no external repos will be required for switch.

This will allow newer Python 3.9 features in the routing script and keep up to date with improvements
in the Python language.

Further more Python 3.6 is EoL  on 23 Dec 2021.

I don't propose this for 5.5.x as it may be too intrusive but perhaps the switch could be made on master
in anticipation for 5.6.x.

Explain what you did, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

### Expected behavior
`app_python3` module will now use system Python 3.9 packages instead of Python 3.6 packages

#### Actual observed behavior
`app_python3` module in 5.5.x now uses system Python 3.6.

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