[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] cannot use ring_insert_callid when defined log_prefix (Issue #2989)

sergey-safarov notifications at github.com
Tue Dec 28 09:30:34 CET 2021

### Description

I want to convert 183 messages to 180 using the `ring_insert_callid` function.
This does not work when used `log_prefix`. Generated error like
> siputils [ring.c:300]: conv183(): 183 message got parsed too far!

#### Reproduction

you can start kamailio using config file like
log_prefix="{$mt $hdr(CSeq) $ci} "

loadmodule "xlog.so"
loadmodule "pv.so"
loadmodule "sl.so"
loadmodule "siputils.so"
modparam("siputils", "ring_timeout", 30)

request_route {
  xlog("L_ERR", "Test1: $rc\n");

  if (is_request()) {

  $du = "sip:;tranport=udp";

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