[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] Run kamailio in kubernates (Issue #2988)

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Fri Dec 24 20:45:58 CET 2021

Please remember that it is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the audience of the mailing list and many may not be reading emails. 

A google search shows this issue to be a Kunernetes error va something specific to Kamailio. 

“ The status ImagePullBackOff means that a Pod couldn't start because Kubernetes could not pull a container image. The 'BackOff' part indicates that Kubernetes will keep trying to pull the image, with an increasing back-off delay.”

Have you looked into any support lists for Kunernetes? 

-- Fred Posner
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> On Dec 24, 2021, at 2:35 PM, maryamb99 ***@***.***> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a problem over running local docker images of Kamailio in Kubernate cluster..
> Consider I build a local docker image from Kamailio and create a pod in one of my nodes . My process created successfully and Kamailio listen over port 5060 now I need to rebuild another docker image with new Kamailio configuration and run it as another pod with new name and listening over port 5061 but I have error "ImagePullBackOff" . I test this scenario many times but problem exists..
> It is devastating for me and I need emergency help.
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