[sr-dev] git:master:f639dfb5: dialog: docs - typo and clarification about local socket bind address

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 09:23:18 CET 2021

Module: kamailio
Branch: master
Commit: f639dfb5f5b74d77026bec7b8bb493b40ce6d47c
URL: https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/f639dfb5f5b74d77026bec7b8bb493b40ce6d47c

Author: Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda at gmail.com>
Committer: Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda at gmail.com>
Date: 2021-12-13T09:22:39+01:00

dialog: docs - typo and clarification about local socket bind address


Modified: src/modules/dialog/doc/dialog_admin.xml


Diff:  https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/f639dfb5f5b74d77026bec7b8bb493b40ce6d47c.diff
Patch: https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/f639dfb5f5b74d77026bec7b8bb493b40ce6d47c.patch


diff --git a/src/modules/dialog/doc/dialog_admin.xml b/src/modules/dialog/doc/dialog_admin.xml
index 745efb51f0..d456d545ef 100644
--- a/src/modules/dialog/doc/dialog_admin.xml
+++ b/src/modules/dialog/doc/dialog_admin.xml
@@ -2805,7 +2805,8 @@ dlg_reset_property("timeout-noreset");
 				<emphasis>local_only</emphasis> (optional) - if not 0 then filter out
-				non local dialogues. No bind_addr info in memory.
+				non local dialogs (the receiving socket is not found locally,
+				from C code point of view, the bind_addr info is not set).
 		<para>Returned fields</para>

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