[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] Using undefined environmental variables with #!defenv (Issue #2967)

Ben Kaufman notifications at github.com
Wed Dec 8 17:28:53 CET 2021

### Description

Currently, an undefined environmental variable with `#!defenv` results in Kamailio failing to start.  The proposal  here that if the environmental variable is not defined, then the macro value would be undefined as well.  For example:

loadmodule "xlog"
loadmodule "pv"

#!defenv FOO

request_route {
    #!ifdef FOO
        xlog("L_INFO","Environmental variable $$FOO is set\n");
        xlog("L_WARN","Environmental variable $$FOO is NOT set\n");

Currently this configuration will fail to load if environmental variable is not set.  My proposal is to either allow `#!envdef` to accept an undefined environmental variable and have the preprocessor macro undefined, or to add a new keyword (`#!envdefn` perhaps?) to allow this behavior.

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