[sr-dev] MRCP kamailio module (for use with rtpengine)

Dmitriy Borisov borik.internet at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 14:18:58 CET 2020


I want to implement kamailio module for MRCP interaction. I need it for
automatic machine detection (AMD) system. I will be grateful for any help
and have some initial questions:
1. Is it interesting for anyone?
2. Now I reading  http://www.asipto.com/pub/kamailio-devel-guide/ guide. Is
it the newest one or I can find something more actual?

I want to implement such scheme:
Where kamailio will be on place of PBX, rtp-sender will be on place of IP
Phone (and will be connected to RTP stream via proc-subsystem to rtpengine
(like a rtpengine-recorder daemon). I want to use same scheme as HTTP async
module (define a route, which must be called on event receive).

With best regards
   Dmitry Borisov
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