[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] pkg/gentoo: Added ebuild files for versions 5.1.10, 5.2.6, 5.3.2 and master (#2220)

Federico Santulli kam.list at nhm.it
Sun Feb 16 18:21:05 CET 2020

Hi Henning,

GPL-2 is the license used by Gentoo Ebuilds and is standard. 

For the package license we can add the row

into the ebuilds theirselves to comply the Kamailio license if correct.

Kind regards.

Federico Santulli

> Il giorno 16 feb 2020, alle ore 18:09, Henning Westerholt <notifications at github.com <mailto:notifications at github.com>> ha scritto:
> Thanks for the pull request. So it seems that there is no version inside the ebuild files. That means for minor releases they usually could just be copied or moved.
> I will merge them manually in the appropriate branches.
> There seems one small error in the license definition of the packages. You specify GPL-2, but I think it should be GPL-2+ (for the "or later" version, if I remember correctly).
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Federico Santulli

Federico Santulli

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