[sr-dev] possible bug on kemi dlg_ontimeout

David Escartin descartin at sonoc.io
Thu Feb 13 13:27:54 CET 2020

Hello all

Testing dialog timeout event callback for kemi lua setup on kamailio
5.4.0-dev3 (x86_64/linux) d74157-dirty, i had some problems to perform the
dlg timeroute behaviour the same as we could on native version.
If i used KSR.dialog.var_sets to set $dlg_ctx(timeout_route), I saw that on
a dialog timeout, the dlg_ontimeout event route was not triggered, and only
the dialog callback was executed with evname dialog:end. (only executing
event_route -1 on state 5)
So i'm guessing that the kemi dialog var_sets is for $dlg_var only (¿?)
Anycase, If i used KSR.pv.sets, i saw the kamailio was crashing
16(5579) DEBUG: dialog [dlg_hash.c:1013]: dlg_ref_helper(): ref dlg
0x7f9a961f5f90 with 1 -> 3
16(5579) DEBUG: dialog [dlg_handlers.c:1589]: dlg_ontimeout(): executing
route -1 on timeout
22(5645) CRITICAL: <core> [core/pass_fd.c:277]: receive_fd(): EOF on 8
22(5645) DEBUG: <core> [core/tcp_main.c:3762]: handle_ser_child(): dead
child 16, pid 5579 (shutting down?)
Adding some debug, i could see that the call was not attempting the kemi
function of line 1598 of dlg_handlers.c, and was trying the code i think
was for native on line 1593.
We think the issue is that the toroute is defined as unsigned
dlg_hash.h: unsigned int         toroute; /*!< index of route that is
executed on timeout */
but after that when setting $dlg_ctx(timeout_route) with pv module, it
tries to compare an integer being unsigned, so it's always true and never
uses kemi
with this change we made it work
+                               if ((int)(dlg->toroute) > 0) {
+                               /*if(dlg->toroute>0) {*/
but i don't know maybe there is a better way to do it.

best regards
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