[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] Add optional parameter to ds_is_from_list() to check only active GW (#1908)

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Wed Mar 27 04:37:01 CET 2019

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### Description
Currently ds_is_from_list() matches all GWs in the dispatcher list, not considering if the GW is disabled or not. It might have situation where a GW is permanently disabled but can't be removed (because of CDR references for instance). In this case it is not desired to match a disabled GW in the test.
The function should accept a new parameter which will tell if it should or not match disabled GWs. For backward compatibility, it should not be a mandatory parameter and its default value should be to match disabled GW (as it is today).

### Expected behavior
ds_is_from_list() should return false in case it matches a disabled GW and the new parameter tells not to match disabled GWs.

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