[sr-dev] add script counter.

Zhong, Alec (NSB - CN/Qingdao) alec.zhong at nokia-sbell.com
Tue Mar 26 04:22:47 CET 2019


Thanks for your response and clarification.

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lines starting with # (or what is after # in a line) are comments, excepting the #! preprocessor directives. So the loadmodule for counters is a comment. See more at:



Also to have in mind for the future, sr-dev mailing list is intended for development discussions. Question related to configuration file and use of kamailio have to be posted to sr-users mailing list.

On 26.03.19 03:56, Zhong, Alec (NSB - CN/Qingdao) wrote:

Could you please help check below error?

I would like to add a script counter to count the number of received message by kamailio.
Anything wrong to use counters module?
Thank you in advance.

Kamailio.cfg change
[cid:image001.png at 01D4E3C6.36A74A70]

Kamailo log
[cid:image002.png at 01D4E3C6.36A74A70]


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