[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] dialog: segfault with db_mode = 1 and broken SIP message (#1899)

Bastian Triller notifications at github.com
Thu Mar 21 15:42:52 CET 2019

log messages from before the crash:
ERROR: <core> [core/parser/msg_parser.c:96]: get_hdr_field(): bad header
ERROR: <core> [core/parser/msg_parser.c:330]: parse_headers(): bad header field [a=sendrecv#015#012]
ERROR: dialog [dlg_handlers.c:190]: populate_leg_info(): failed to parse headers
ERROR: dialog [dlg_handlers.c:495]: dlg_onreply(): could not add further info to the dialog
so that `bind_addr` from callee leg isn't set: [dlg_handlers.c](https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/blob/5.0/src/modules/dialog/dlg_handlers.c#L189-L194)
		LM_ERR("failed to parse headers\n");
		goto error0;

	dlg->bind_addr[leg] = msg->rcv.bind_address;

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