[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] Frequently TCP/TLS sessions remain in CLOSE_WAIT (#1881)

kvrban notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 5 11:14:54 CET 2019

### Description

On our setup with Kamailio 5.2.1 with users connected via TLS. i see frequently TCP/TLS sessions remain in CLOSE_WAIT: 
netstat -ntp |grep CLOSE
tcp      238      0      xxx.xxx.xxx.218:52613     CLOSE_WAIT  117912/kamailio     
tcp     4681      0      xxx.xxx.xxx.125:8892     CLOSE_WAIT  117912/kamailio

In tcpdump i see, that the client send a TCP FIN,ACK and and the OS which is hosting the Kamailio send TCP ACK. But Kamailio is not closing. So the session remain in CLOSE_WAIT for a long time (over a hour) 

We also have configured:

modparam("tls", "connection_timeout", 63)

Which should finally close after 65 second. But no effect.

### Troubleshooting

#### Reproduction

Register SIP clients via TLS, and then let the client close the TCP session ia TCP FIN,ACK

* **Operating System**:

Debian GNU/Linux 9

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