[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] dialog module: option to choose between OPTIONS or INVITE on keep-alive (#1876)

Fernando S. Santos notifications at github.com
Fri Mar 1 20:12:31 CET 2019

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### Description

Enable dialog module to user choose between INVITE or OPTIONS on send Re-INVITE on keep-alive

### Expected behavior

Make the dialog keep-alive through INVITE or OPTIONS. A user choice.

### Possible Solutions

In function dlg_send_ka of dlg_req_within.c:445, provide an option to choose the value from module config var, pv value, dlg flag, etc.

File: dlg_req_within.c

435    /* send keep-alive
436     * dlg - pointer to a struct dlg_cell
437     * dir - direction: the request will be sent to:
438     * 		DLG_CALLER_LEG (0): caller
439     * 		DLG_CALLEE_LEG (1): callee
440     */
441    int dlg_send_ka(dlg_cell_t *dlg, int dir)
442    {
443    	uac_req_t uac_r;
444    	dlg_t* di;
445    	str met = {"INVITE", 6};
446    	int result;
447    	dlg_iuid_t *iuid = NULL;

### Additional Information

Just for local tests, i changed dlg_req_within.c:445 from {"OPTIONS",7} to {"INVITE",6} and worked like a charm. I don't know if this change will affect other parts of kamailio.
Let me know if this change affect something else.


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