[sr-dev] new child module for kamailio, is call "lre"

Mojtaba mespio at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 12:15:28 CEST 2019

Any update?

On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 3:34 PM Mojtaba <mespio at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> In the middle of developing hiops module, another child module has
> grown up. I've been developing another module for Kamailio, I called
> this "lre". It means light-rtp-engine. The concept of this module is
> using the capability of linux-Kernel packet forwarding to forward RTP
> packets between both parties in a session call.
> As far as we know, this new way has some advantage in large VoIP
> networks that are using Kamailio as Proxy or SBC. Regardless of
> transcoding, it could be done by other servers,
> By using this module, Kamailio could handle a lot of concurrent calls
> with RTP. For example in my test-bed scenario, with 2 core of CPU,
> Kamailio could handle more than 1000 concurrent calls, with no issue
> like one-way audio or etc. The consumption of resources was
> incredible. Although I countn't finish the test-bed scenario,  because
> the resources of  SIPP servers, that make the calls, were run out.
> When kamailio starts, this module tries to connect to daemon project.
> The daemon project could be running on the same server with kamailio
> or on another server. The connection between two processes is TCP/IP
> Socket. I have to use libnfnetlink library to control Linux-kernel
> forwarding on the server. This library is the low-level library for
> netfilter related kernel/userspace communication.
> Some configuration in kamailio cfg is like below:
> #!ifdef WITH_LRE
> modparam("lre", "lre_sock", "tcp:")
> modparam("lre", "start_port", 10000)
> modparam("lre", "end_port", 30000)
> #!endif
> In some parts of my code, I need some guides to optimize performance of my code.
> The module will be published  soon on GitHub, but for some reason I
> need to remove my old pull-request of hiops module.I will publish it
> again.
> --
> --Mojtaba Esfandiari.S

--Mojtaba Esfandiari.S

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