[sr-dev] some missing kemi module functions

David Escartin descartin at sonoc.io
Thu Jun 27 12:06:32 CEST 2019

hello all

we are trying to rewrite our code to lua kemi, and we have found some
issues/questions until we would like to share with you.

-module call_obj not exported, we have tested a patch for the module to
export the functions to kemi, which seems works fine

-KSR.xlog.xinfo seems not able to select a facility as we currently can
like xlog("LOG_LOCAL7", "L_NOTICE", "$var(xxxx)");

-module sipt not exported yet, must use ksr.x.modf ? will be exported for a
future version?

-on 5.3.0-dev5 we don't see the KSR.dialog.var_sets() and
KSR.dialog.var_get/e/w() functions in the code, so we do use KSR.pv
functions to set and retrieve those dialog vars. However i see them on
master branch. Which kamailio release would have them?

-sdpops function sdp_with_codecs_by_name seems to not me exported, is it on
a todo list?

-textops module, missing remove_hf and append_hf functions exported. We
already did a patch for the remove_hf, despite we could work with textopsx
remove_hf_value function to get the almost the same functionality.
However, with append_hf i'm having some more issues.
We cannot use modf to exec those funtions, we get something like
For ---> KSR.x.modf("append_hf", "User-Agent: test", "To");
I get something like ----> Jun 27 07:19:16 proxy-1
/usr/local/kamailio/sbin/kamailio[5525]: ERROR: app_lua [app_lua_sr.c:188]:
lua_sr_modf(): function 'append_hf' has fixup - cannot be used

I could append a new header and not only at the end of the message by
replacing a header called the same way, by doing something like
KSR.textopsx.insert_hf_value("header", "value");

but i'm not able to insert a header after another different one like we can
do with append_hf("header:value", "To") for instance.
Is it expected to have it on a next commit those append_hf and remove_hf

Would we do a pull request with the ki_remove_hf we already have and the
call_obj functions too? We can check to export append_hf too if it's not
planned to be done

thanks a lot and regards
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