[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] DB_UNIXODBC always changes language and context (#1993)

Tim Chubb notifications at github.com
Wed Jun 26 16:25:50 CEST 2019

Originally i had everything being backed by ODBC tables, but could never get the hangs to stop, usually presenting it self as an inability to auth registrations randomly.  I think i also stumbled upon some  hard coded MySQL syntax specific queries in various modules typically using the MySQL specific REPLACE (upsert) keyword.  Getting around the lack of USE keyword validity in SQL Azure was acheived like i said by specifying on the server login and user entities rather than in the connection string.

As a result of the random nature of the hangs we re-architected to using intermediate API for our dynamic data access and for infrequently changing data (dispatcher for example) generated textdb files, when a change is submitted through the back end.  At its simplest we just set a flag saying file has changed, and poll the api, if the flag is set local copy is overritten by the downloaded generated file, and the data gets reloaded via kamcmd.  Since having done that all our relational data stays in sql azure, but is never directly accessed by kamailio, and have not had a single hang like we were experiencing.  Like i said the odd thing was if i pointed the connection string to a local SQL server it would work perfectly, just undermined our long established SQL Azure consolidation project...

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