[sr-dev] [kamailio/kamailio] DB_UNIXODBC always changes language and context (#1993)

Tim Chubb notifications at github.com
Wed Jun 26 10:16:40 CEST 2019

I worked around this issue (it's more a sql azure thing than kamailio) by creating a user on the dB and setting default language, db and schema on the login that was enough to get it to connect.

Be warned though using sql azure with either freetds or the ms Linux driver I experienced random hangs of kamailio related to odbc handling, was unable to find root cause and it seemed unique to sql azure as a local sql server instance worked without issue. My working theory was that the sql azure drops a connection to a node from its load balancer somewhere inside that black box but kamailio attempts to reuse that connection and hangs. Also due to how sql azure works I found query time to variable as well and based on dB size the number of open connections seems limiting.  To overcome this I ended up writing a simple proxy Web API in. Net core which ran on local host And cached results to a local redis instance which gave consistent sub 10ms responses

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