[sr-dev] Cannot Register To SIP Provider

Prashant Gupta prashant at farmguide.in
Fri Jan 4 07:50:22 CET 2019

I have the following architecture - SIP provider <-> Kamailio <-> Asterisk
I currently do not have any issues connecting my asterisk servers to
Kamailio server. I am however having issues connecting my Kamailio server
to my SIP provider. I am using the uac module for registration and have
stored my credentials in the uacreg table. When I sniff on my network, I am
able to see Register message being send out and receives an OK from my
provider. But I am still unable to get incoming messages to Kamailio. Also
these SIP responses from the SIP provider do not make it to kamailio route
as I have logged any message that enter the request_route.
SIP Messages from Wireshark -
1) 19 563.919267 10.67.XXX.XXX 10.232.XXX.XXX SIP 497 Request: REGISTER
     sip:ims.airtel.in  (1 binding) |

2) 20 564.040917 10.232.XXX.XXX 10.67.XXX.XXX SIP 480 Status: 401
Unauthorized |

3) 21 564.041574 10.67.XXX.XXX 10.232.XXX.XXX SIP 744 Request: REGISTER sip:
ims.airtel.in  (1 binding) |

4) 22 564.173338 10.232.XXX.XXX 10.67.XXX.XXX SIP 649 Status: 200 OK  (1
binding) |

Here 10.232.XXX.XXX is my SIP providers proxy address and 10.67.XXX.XXX is
my local IP of the lan connected to the SIP line.
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