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modules: readme files regenerated - tls ... [skip ci]


Modified: src/modules/tls/README


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diff --git a/src/modules/tls/README b/src/modules/tls/README
index 3ea60f8949..20b08cfa4a 100644
--- a/src/modules/tls/README
+++ b/src/modules/tls/README
@@ -89,6 +89,8 @@ Olle E. Johansson
               14.1. event_route[tls:connection-out]
+        15. TLS With Database Backend
    List of Examples
    1.1. Quick Start Basic Config
@@ -210,6 +212,8 @@ Chapter 1. Admin Guide
         14.1. event_route[tls:connection-out]
+   15. TLS With Database Backend
 1. Overview
    This module implements the TLS transport for Kamailio using the OpenSSL
@@ -1550,3 +1554,32 @@ event_route[tls:connection-out] {
+15. TLS With Database Backend
+   The module does not connect to database to fetch the values for the TLS
+   profile attributes. However the 'kamcli' tool can generate the tls.cfg
+   from a database table. Once generated, the 'tls.cfg' can be reloaded
+   with an RPC command.
+   The kamcli tool can be found at https://github.com/kamailio/kamcli.
+   The schema to create the database table can be seen with the command:
+   "kamcli tls sqlprint". The default name for database table is 'tlscfg'.
+   The most of the column names matches the corresponding attribute names
+   from a TLS profile.
+   The profile id in 'tls.cfg' is generated from
+   '[profile_type:profile_name]'. The 'profile_type' has to be 'server' or
+   'client'. The 'profile_name' can be 'default', 'any' or the pair of IP
+   address and port like 'ipaddr:port'.
+   The 'file_type' is specifying if the values for 'certificate',
+   'private_key', 'ca_list' and 'crl' are path to files on disc (when is
+   set to 0) or the content of the files (when set to 1). If 'file_type'
+   is 1, then 'kamcli' will create new files on disc and store the values
+   from the database in them. The target folder for 'tls.cfg' and the
+   certificates related files can be set via command options for 'kamcli
+   tls', for more details see the output of 'kamcli tls --help' and
+   'kamcli tls cfgprint --help'.

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