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modules: readme files regenerated - db_redis ... [skip ci]


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diff --git a/src/modules/db_redis/README b/src/modules/db_redis/README
index 8378057da5..4f6d8150be 100644
--- a/src/modules/db_redis/README
+++ b/src/modules/db_redis/README
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ Alex Balashov
    1.1. Setting schema_path module parameter
    1.2. Setting keys module parameter
    1.3. Usage
+   1.4. Usage
 Chapter 1. Admin Guide
@@ -121,6 +122,15 @@ nce/string,server_id/int,connection_id/int,keepalive/int,partition/int
    module also write mappings besides the actual records for billing
    systems to correlate start and stop records faster).
+   The key is always prefixed with 'tablename:entry::'. For example the
+   record in 'subscriber' table for user 'alice at sip.com' has the key:
+   'subscriber:entry::alice:sip.com'. If all the records are just loaded
+   at startup (or all reloaded at runtime), the key can just be made
+   unique using whatever values added after 'tablename:entry::' prefix.
+   For example, keys for 'address' table records can be:
+   'address:entry::1', address:entry::2', address:entry::3', ... No 'keys'
+   modparam of 'db_redis' for 'address' table needs to be defined.
    The mappings can be freely defined in the "keys" module parameter,
    which is composed of a semi-colon separated list of definitions in the
@@ -182,7 +192,7 @@ m:username,domain&timer:partition,keepalive")
 6. Usage
    Load the module and set the "db_url" modparam for specific modules to:
-   redis://[username]@host:port/database. Username is optional. The
+   'redis://[username]@host:port/database'. Username is optional. The
    database portion must be a valid Redis database number.
    Example 1.3. Usage
@@ -192,16 +202,39 @@ loadmodule "db_redis.so"
 #!define DBURL_USRLOC "redis://"
 #!define DBURL_ACC    "redis://"
 #!define DBURL_AUTH   "redis://"
+#!define DBURL_PERM   "redis://"
 modparam("db_redis", "schema_path", "/usr/share/kamailio/db_redis/kamailio")
 modparam("db_redis", "keys", "location=entry:ruid&usrdom:username,domain&timer:p
 modparam("db_redis", "keys", "acc=entry:callid,time_hires&cid:callid")
 modparam("db_redis", "keys", "subscriber=entry:username,domain")
 modparam("usrloc", "db_url", DBURL_USRLOC)
 modparam("acc_db", "db_url", DBURL_ACC)
 modparam("auth_db", "db_url", DBURL_AUTH)
+modparam("permissions", "db_url", DBURL_PERM)
+   Samples adding records for address table using 'redis-cli':
+   Example 1.4. Usage
+HMSET address:entry::1 id 1 grp 1 ip_addr "" mask 32 port 0
+HMSET address:entry::2 id 2 grp 1 ip_addr "" mask 32 port 0
+HMSET address:entry::3 id 3 grp 2 ip_addr "" mask 32 port 0
+HMSET address:entry::4 id 4 grp 2 ip_addr "" mask 32 port 0 tag "test"
+   Note that is some cases, the optional values in database tables can be
+   ommitted. For 'address' table, the 'tag' value may be ommitted. To
+   avoid any issues, set unused fields to their default values as defined
+   by database schema. When definition allows 'NULL', that field can be
+   unset.
 7. Module specific considerations

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