[sr-dev] git:master:83789bed: sanity: option to skip sending the reply internally

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 12:18:17 CEST 2018

Module: kamailio
Branch: master
Commit: 83789bed83388f8b53339b6b93abc33e4d9d62c1
URL: https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/83789bed83388f8b53339b6b93abc33e4d9d62c1

Author: Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda at gmail.com>
Committer: Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda at gmail.com>
Date: 2018-09-13T11:04:06+02:00

sanity: option to skip sending the reply internally

- new mod param 'noreply' - if set to 1, no reply is sent internally;
default is 0
- new function - sanity_reply() that can be used in config to send a
reply with a code and reason set by the module when detecting a problem
inside sip message


Modified: src/modules/sanity/sanity.c
Modified: src/modules/sanity/sanity.h
Modified: src/modules/sanity/sanity_mod.c


Diff:  https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/83789bed83388f8b53339b6b93abc33e4d9d62c1.diff
Patch: https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/83789bed83388f8b53339b6b93abc33e4d9d62c1.patch

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