[sr-dev] Reloading kamailio.cfg on the fly

Rahul MathuR rahul.ultimate at gmail.com
Tue May 27 09:48:57 CEST 2014


Is it possible to reload kamailio.cfg at the runtime after doing few
modifications on the business rules laid under CNXCC module.



xlog("L_INFO", "Setting up channel based credit control");

$var(max_chan) = 2;

$var(retcode) = cnxcc_set_max_channels("$var(client)", "$var(max_chan)");

if ($var(retcode) == -1) {

xlog("Error setting up credit control");



$var(count) = -1;

if (!cnxcc_get_channel_count("$var(client)", "$var(count)")) {

xlog("Error getting customer's channel count");


xlog("L_INFO", "CNXCC ROUTE: $var(client) has $var(count) call(s)");

if ($var(retcode) < -1) {

xlog("Too many channels for customer");

sl_send_reply(403, "Forbidden");

if (!cnxcc_terminate_all("$var(client)")) {

xlog("Error terminating customer's calls");




Now I want to change the value of max_chan on the fly. Does this step
neccassitates a restart of kamailio process as a whole ? If no, then could
somebody please guide me how to achieve this ?

Thanks !

Warm Regds.
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