[sr-dev] TM Reply logic

Jason Penton jason.penton at gmail.com
Mon May 26 13:36:41 CEST 2014


I am confused by the TM reply processing logic in a particular scenario.
For example, if an INVITE transaction has had a final reply (let's assume
500 Error in this case). Now, if a 200 OK comes through the proxy to accept
the call then according to the code below, the relay will be relayed to the
calling party.... why? This will also cause the tm transaction state to
change from state 5 (deleted) to state (4) confirmed.... Is this correct?
(a result of this scenario is that the A UAC will receive a 500 followed by
a 200....)

static enum rps t_should_relay_response( struct cell *Trans , int new_code,
int branch , int *should_store, int *should_relay,
struct cancel_info *cancel_data, struct sip_msg *reply )
int branch_cnt;
int picked_code;
int new_branch;
int inv_through;
int extra_flags;
int i;
int replies_dropped;

/* note: this code never lets replies to CANCEL go through;
   we generate always a local 200 for CANCEL; 200s are
   not relayed because it's not an INVITE transaction;
   >= 300 are not relayed because 200 was already sent
DBG("->>>>>>>>> T_code=%d, new_code=%d\n",Trans->uas.status,new_code);
inv_through=new_code>=200 && new_code<300 && is_invite(Trans);
/* if final response sent out, allow only INVITE 2xx  */
if ( Trans->uas.status >= 200 ) {
if (inv_through) {
DBG("DBG: t_should_relay_response: 200 INV after final sent\n");
/* except the exception above, too late  messages will
   be discarded */
goto discard;

/* if final response received at this branch, allow only INVITE 2xx */
if (Trans->uac[branch].last_received>=200
&& !(inv_through && Trans->uac[branch].last_received<300)) {
/* don't report on retransmissions */
if (Trans->uac[branch].last_received==new_code) {
DBG("DEBUG: final reply retransmission\n");
goto discard;
/* if you FR-timed-out, faked a local 408  and 487 came or
 *  faked a CANCEL on a non-replied branch don't
 * report on it either */
if ((Trans->uac[branch].last_received==487) ||
(Trans->uac[branch].last_received==408 && new_code==487)) {
DBG("DEBUG: %d came for a %d branch (ignored)\n",
new_code, Trans->uac[branch].last_received);
goto discard;
/* this looks however how a very strange status rewrite attempt;
 * report on it */
LOG(L_ERR, "ERROR: t_should_relay_response: status rewrite by UAS: "
"stored: %d, received: %d\n",
Trans->uac[branch].last_received, new_code );
goto discard;

/* no final response sent yet */
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