[sr-dev] dialog module with DB Backend

jay binks jaybinks at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 11:19:26 CET 2014

So poking round the code for the dialog module....
Im not sure what im missing here.

get_profile_size dosnt care bout the state of a dialog... so you get ALL
dialogs that are in the hash table.
( which is interesting if you want to use dialog module to enforce channel
limits etc )

So you go... OK...  kamailio only expects to have "ACTIVE" dialogs in the
hash table... kewl..
lets assume that to be the case.

but then in dlg_db_handler.c , load_dialog_info_from_db loads all dialogs
from the DB, regardless of state.
so all dialogs in the DB ( ones that didnt get deleted yet... but were in
state 5 ) get re-created in kamailio
upon startup.

what this means is...
( assume starting with empty DB )

I start kamailio, make some calls... they get synced to the DB.
I end the calls,  kamailio removes from dialogs module internal hash, but
the sync to DB hasnt happened yet.

I kill kamailio ( or crash .. whatever )....  restart kamailio and it
re-loads all those dialogs
and thinks they are still active calls.

Im SURE Im missing something here, because it seems to be VERY common to
use dialogs for channel limiting..
maybe not so much using cassandra db behind the scenes, but as of yet ...
Im still yet to find anything that makes me thing this is db_cassandra

if im wrong, please point me in the right direction.


On 24 February 2014 17:54, jay binks <jaybinks at gmail.com> wrote:

> Am I REALLY the only person who has ever run into this !?
> On 19 February 2014 14:08, jay binks <jaybinks at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all, im using the dialog module with db_cassandra backend..
>> I dont believe this issue is related to cassandra, but its worth
>> mentioning anyways.
>> so... I run kamailio, make calls, see dialogs in the DB..
>> and I Can use "kamctl mi dlg_list" and see that dialogs go away when I
>> hangup a call..
>> When I query the DB Backend, I still see the queries, but they have a
>> state of 5.
>> I Initially thought this was a bug, but it seems dialogs in state 5 get
>> cleaned up after a period.
>> so I moved on.
>> now , lets restart kamailio..
>> kamailio loads all dialogs on startup, after kamailio starts I call
>> "kamctl mi dlg_list" again, and it shows all my dialogs from the DB.   they
>> DO show as "State 5"
>> but for some reason, these dialogs appear to stick around for a long
>> time, and the bigger issue it causes me is that my channel limiting (
>> using get_profile_size ) seems to consider these dialogs ( in state 5 ) as
>> being active calls.
>> Please someone point me in the right direction... :)
>> what am I doing wrong ?
>> ( or is this a bug somewhere )
>> Sincerely
>> Jay
> --
> Sincerely
> Jay


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