[sr-dev] Kamailio 3.3.5: Possible memory leak in select framework?

Henning Westerholt hw at kamailio.org
Tue Feb 18 12:31:33 CET 2014

Am Montag, 17. Februar 2014, 11:40:07 schrieb Pawel Kuzak:
> We are running Kamailio 3.3.5 as a Registrar service. We wanted to
> increase some logging, so we inserted the following lines into our
> configuration file:
> ...
>   # log failed registration
>   route[LOG_REG_DENIED]{
>    xlog("L_ERR","md=REGISTER, s=DENIED, n=$tU,
> ct=$sel(contact.uri.hostport), v=$sel(via[1].host)");
>   }
>   # log successful registration
>   route[LOG_REG_SUCCESS]{
>    xlog("L_ERR","md=REGISTER, s=OK, n=$tU,
> ct=$sel(contact.uri.hostport), v=$sel(via[1].host)");
>   }
> ...

Hello Pawel,

maybe you've already tried this. But have you recompiled on a test system with 
memory debugging enabled in the Makefile.defs and then a proper memlog 
parameter in the cfg file set? 

Then you could execute the code in question and see if after N executions you 
see N times the memory allocated. The output of the command and how to get it 
is described here 
you should be able to see the place in the code where its allocated (and 
probably not freed).


Henning Westerholt

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