[sr-dev] topoh internals

Camille Oudot camille.oudot at orange.com
Thu Feb 13 19:32:30 CET 2014


I have a question about the topoh masking function: 

If we can control of 2 UAs A and B, when A invites B, A will know his
plain Contact data, and B will see the masked one, and we will be able
to collect almost arbitrary (data, encoded_data) couples.

Kamailio's topoh module internals, if i've understood correctly,
conceptually make use of such functions: 
  * encode(contact_A, secret_key) -> result is contact_A_masked
  * decode(contact_A_masked, secret_key) -> result is contact_A

What kind of method is used to do the encoding/decoding? Is it
complex to compute the secret key, knowing both contact_A and


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