[sr-dev] Crash with coredump

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 21:26:11 CET 2014


this happens due to an abort() that is executed only when MEMDBG is set 
(memory debugging is turned on). It's main purpose is to spot double frees.

For production, either MEMDBG is not set or you set mem_safety global 
parameter. You will get the log message, but the application keeps running.

I also recommend to upgrade to 4.1.1, there were some fixes that affect 
this case as well.

On the other side, I will try to see what could be the situation to end 
in the two frees once I get a chance (still in the middle of a traveling 
period for a while here).


On 04/02/14 19:51, Øyvind Kolbu wrote:
>> okay, I see it is happening during resize of shm memory... Can you re-create
>> on demand? load related?
> Can not re-create on demand, but this is the second time in two weeks something like this has
> happened. From our graphs it happened just after a peak in CPU usage, and it might actually
> been swapping slightly. Could add some more memory to the machine to see if the problems
> goes away.

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