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Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Oct 23 09:36:32 CEST 2013

MAybe you could implement it with resource lists (RLS module subscribes 
to domain B if a lists in domain A is subscribed).

But above scenario does not reduce the traffic, as for every 
subscription to A, a subscription to B is done. This is necessary, as 
usually you have authorization at B to verify if the the user is allowed 
to subscribe a resource at B.


On 22.10.2013 16:24, Jan Gaida wrote:
> Hello
> I'd like to explain my scenario and the module I'd like to develop. I am
> hoping for comments whether there are already modules like that or which
> modules' API I could use to make the development easier.
> Scenario:
> I have two domains (A and B) with a Kamailio server in each of them
> configured as presence servers.  The agents from both domains want to
> subscribe to few resources from domain A.
> Idea:
> In order to reduce traffic between the domains, the presence server from
> domain B shall handle the subscriptions internally and use an internal
> virtual presence-user-agent to subscribe to the resources in domain A.
> SIP Messages:
> Subscription:
> 1) Subscribe resource.domain.a, from each user agent ua_n.domain.b
> 2) 202 OK from kamailio.domain.b
> 3) If not already subscribed, Subscribe resource.domain.a from
> kamailio.domain.b with virtual user-agent
> 4) 202 OK from kamailio.domain.a
> (Repeat for each susbcriber)
> (Subscription has to be refreshed by an internal timer)
> Events:
> 1) Publish resouce.domain.a to kamailio.domain.a
> 2) 200 OK from kamailio.domain.a
> 3) Notify resource.domain.a to kamailio.domain.b
> 4) 200 OK from kamailio.domain.b
> 5) Notify resource.domain.a to each user agent ua_n.domain.b
> 6) 200 OK from each ua_n.domain.b
> (Internally, Kamailio of domain B has to forward the incoming Notify to
> all locally subscribed user-agents)
> I tried using the PUA module but it does not fit all my needs. Now I
> think I will have to develop my own module in order to achieve
> everything.  Any ideas?
> Kind regards
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