[sr-dev] regex's as PVs in textops functions

Hugh Waite hugh.waite at crocodile-rcs.com
Thu Jun 13 17:14:19 CEST 2013

I need to run a text find-and-replace on the body of my requests and 
responses. The texops functions 'replace_body_all' and 'subst_body' work 
for fixed regular expressions, but mine need to be configurable i.e. 
loaded from a database.
Trying to accept PVs in the regex parameter could intefere with regex's 
that contain $ characters, so this isn't as simple as inserting the spve 
fixup into these functions.

What do you think is the best way to implement this and remain 
compatible with existing versions? New functions with different names?

For example:
if ($var(regex) != $null) {
   replace_body_pv("$var(regex)", "$var(repl)");


Hugh Waite
Principal Design Engineer
Crocodile RCS Ltd.

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