[sr-dev] websocket testing in kamailio

billy billy.yu at temasys.com.sg
Wed Jun 12 05:36:07 CEST 2013


I've read this discussion from the link
I got a similar problem.

I'm currently trying to test Kamailio as a websocket server. 
In the expert view of sipML5 http://sipml5.org/expert.htm, I put the field
of WebSocket Server URL=ws://<ip:port of kamailio> and SIP outbound proxy
URL=udp://<ip:port of kamailio> and the port for UDP is not the same as for
 I have a kamailio server with websocket support running.

However I got an error in sipML5.org/call.htm that failed to connect to the
I read from the kamailio log file and found the error like this:

DEBUG: <core> [forward.c:462]: check_self: host != me.

during the host checking in grep_sock_info, it showed that:

checking if host==us: 13==14 && [IP1] == [IP2]

where IP1 is the public IP address of my kamailio server and IP2 is the
local IP address of my kamailio server. May I ask if I set it wrongly?

In sipML5, I put ws://public_IP_kamailio:8080.


If I remove this ws setting and use kamailio as outbound proxy only, I can
register to kamailio while grep_sock_info shows that

 - checking if host==us: 18==14 && [realm] == [IP2]

where realm is set in sipML5 and kamailio.cfg. IP2 is the local IP address
of my kamailio server.

As my understanding, I did not set it correctly for messages received over
websocket  to be forwarded to outbound proxy. 
Without making DNS changes to support our realm, is there any way to set it
 Or is it possible to use kamailio as a websocket server and a outbound

Could you please give any advices?

I'm new to this field. Sorry for my ignorance! 



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