[sr-dev] Does t_continue () work with t_reply_with_body ()?

Robert Boisvert rdboisvert at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 21:20:38 CET 2013


I read the documentation and searched through the archives but I couldn't
find an answer to this question.  I apologize if I missed something.

I'm working on writing a module using Kamailio 3.3.  While processing an
INVITE I use t_reply_with_body () and send a 180 (Ringing) response,
t_suspend () the transaction, process a PRACK and try to t_continue () but
I notice the following results:

   - The callback I created before t_suspend () receives a TMCB_DESTROY
   before the PRACK arrives
   - I can use t_continue () but it never returns to the calling routine

I appreciate any guidance you can provide,
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